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Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) MCQ Questions and Answers

Introducing the ultimate guide for Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) Objective Questions and Answers, created to help you ace all competition exams! 

Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (English) Question and Answer

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1. What does RAM stand for?

(A) Random Access Memory

(B) Read Only Memory

(C) Read Access Memory

(D) Random Available Memory

Answer: A

2. What is the standard paper size used in most business correspondence?

(A) Letter size

(B) Legal size

(C) A4 size

(D) Executive size

Answer: C

3. Which of the following is a punctuation mark used to indicate a full stop?

(A) Comma 

(B) Semicolon 

(C) Colon 

(D) Period 

Answer: D

4. What is the function of a stenographer in a legal setting?

(A) Record court proceedings and testimony

(B) Manage office supplies

(C) Create marketing materials

(D) Handle customer inquiries

Answer: A

5. In the context of shorthand writing, what does "Pitman" refer to?

(A) A type of typewriter

(B) A famous stenographer

(C) A method of shorthand notation

(D) A type of paper used for transcribing

Answer: C

6. What is the primary responsibility of a secretarial assistant?

(A) Taking dictation and transcribing documents

(B) Handling financial transactions

(C) Conducting market research

(D) Managing human resources

Answer: A

7. Which software is commonly used for creating and editing documents?

(A) Microsoft Excel

(B) Microsoft PowerPoint

(C) Microsoft Word

(D) Adobe Photoshop

Answer: C

8. What is the purpose of shorthand writing?

(A) To write secret messages

(B) To save paper

(C) To increase writing speed

(D) To write in multiple languages

Answer: C

9. What is the meaning of the term "agenda" in a business context?

(A) A list of topics to be discussed in a meeting

(B) A financial report

(C) A company's mission statement

(D) A legal document

Answer: A

10. What is the proper format for writing a date in a letter?

(A) Month Day, Year

(B) Day Month, Year

(C) Year Month Day

(D) Day/Year/Month

Answer: A

11. Which of the following is a professional trait essential for a successful stenographer?

(A) Time management

(B) Artistic talent

(C) Cooking skills

(D) Foreign language proficiency

Answer: A

12. In a meeting, what does "minutes" refer to?

(A) The time left for the meeting to end

(B) A brief summary of the main points discussed

(C) The time when everyone arrives

(D) A break during the meeting

Answer: B

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